Monday, May 11, 2009

Harassment by City continues at Willets Point

On Thursday afternoon, a City ticket officer issued a $115 ticket for a legally parked truck on 127th Place near 34th Avenue belonging to Bono Sawdust Supply. Pictured is company co-owner Jack Bono questioning the officer as to why a ticket is being written. The reply he received was, "Because I don't like your boss." When the argument persisted, the officer ended it by saying, "It's up to you to prove that this is a bogus ticket."

This is the same ticket officer who threatened to have the police confiscate a Willets Point business owner's cell phone after it was used to take a photo which was featured in this post.

"First, the City threatens to take my land, now I have to fight their B.S. tickets because their ticket officer doesn't like me," said Jake Bono, spokesperson for WP United.

Bono is considering filing formal complaints with the City's Department of Transportation and the Department of Investigations.

"Next time, I'll have a video camera," Jake said.