Saturday, March 12, 2011

Statement regarding Dr. Richard Lipsky

Willets Point United Inc. ("WPU") is very surprised to learn of unexpected allegations against Dr. Richard Lipsky.

We emphasize that the allegations have nothing whatsoever to do with Willets Point, and we consider that Dr. Lipsky has done a most effective job on behalf of WPU to expose the severe negative impacts of the proposed Willets Point development, plus the fraud and illegal tactics to which the City has resorted as it attempts to proceed with its project at any price.

All information that Dr. Lipsky has disseminated regarding the proposed Willets Point development is accurate, and is verifiable by reviewing publicly available records.

For nearly two years, Dr. Lipsky has been a spokesman for WPU and has communicated with news media on WPU's behalf, providing key information which has benefited the public, and which Dr. Lipsky was the first person to disseminate. To his credit, Dr. Lipsky has personally done the laborious type of investigative journalism which has all but disappeared from mainstream news reporting. We commend him for that effort.

Although WPU deeply appreciates Dr. Lipsky's expertise and friendship, and hopes that he will be vindicated, WPU's opposition to the proposed Willets Point development will continue most forcefully, regardless of any news concerning Dr. Lipsky. WPU has directly established the necessary contacts and credibility with elected officials, regulatory agencies and news media; and the capability exists within WPU and among its numerous expert consultants and attorneys, to carry out WPU's program with or without Dr. Lipsky.

Significantly, whatever the allegations may be against Dr. Lipsky, they must absolutely pale in comparison to the scale of the wrongdoing perpetrated by the City and its cohorts in their attempt to seize Willets Point property to facilitate a development that is valued in excess of $4,000,000,000.00. There has yet been no prosecution of this wrongdoing, but we aim to change that.

And while both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York ironically have recently taken a keen interest in Dr. Richard Lipsky for absolutely unrelated reasons, we are confident that those federal enforcement agencies are not going to allow the fraud and corruption which underpins the proposed Willets Point development to persist and succeed. Where there is enforcement against one, there should be enforcement against all – especially against those who would conspire to abuse power to facilitate a corrupt land grab plan which stretches back decades.

WPU is motivated, indefatigable, and inspired by Dr. Lipsky's contact with federal enforcement agencies.