Friday, March 18, 2011

Mike Bloomberg’s Popularity: Slip Sliding Away

City Room reported the other day that the popularity of Mayor Mike Bloomberg is heading due south: “When Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg mounted his campaign to amend the term-limits law so he could serve a third term, he argued that he needed to extend his tenure to guide the city through turbulent economic times. Mr. Bloomberg was certainly right about the turbulence. But a lot of it has involved his job performance. And New Yorkers are giving Mr. Bloomberg pretty poor grades.”

From the standpoint of WPU, it’s about time. This is a mayor who has trampled property rights all over the city-someone who feels that the religious liberty of those who want to build a mosque at ground zero is sacrosanct, but the property rights of small land owners like ourselves can be discarded like yesterday’s rotten garbage.

WPU has the support of many of the area’s local civic groups and each and every one of them understands the importance of the constitutional rights of property. So perhaps this issue of eminent domain is playing a small role in the declining fortunes of Mike Bloomberg. If so, no one deserves it more.