Friday, May 28, 2010

Ben Haber calls out Gene Kelty

Let Kelty explain Willets Pt. stand
Thursday, May 27, 2010, Times Ledger

Eugene Kelty, chairman of Community Board 7, was only “75 percent happy” with the city’s plan to relocate three large Willets Point businesses to College Point (“Willets Pt. relocation OK’d,” Flushing Times, May 13-19).

Presumably the missing 25 percent is related to Kelty’s need to have greater recourse in the manner in which the businesses are run to ensure they do not become “bad neighbors.” Under Kelty’s management, CB 7 had no trouble supporting the city’s Willets Point plan to destroy hundreds of small businesses and throw to the winds their thousands of employees and families for the benefit of a private, for-profit real estate developer that made him 100 percent happy.

That Kelty had no concern about the 100 percent unhappiness caused by the destruction of hundreds of small, Willets Point businesses and the loss of a livelihood by their thousands of employees and their families qualifies Kelty, Borough President Helen Marshall and Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his lackeys at the city Economic Development Corp. the true bad neighbors.

Benjamin M. Haber