Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peralta Opposes Immigrant Business Community

In the Queens Courier one of the most clueless of the borough's elected officials has come out in favor of Willets Point as the site of an unneeded convention center: "Courting of Willets Point as a potential site for what could be the nation’s largest convention center – and a major booster for New York City’s economy – has begun, with an open letter from State Senator Jose Peralta to Governor Andrew Cuomo."

How clueless? So out of it that the senator doesn't realize that Willets Point is the home to hundreds of immigrant business owners and their equally immigrant workers-folks who will be displaced by any convention center. Peralta's one of those electeds who talks constantly about diversity and then turns around to stab the diverse immigrant business community in the back. Nice job Jose!

But there's even more ignorance afoot here. Does Perlata not understand that there are years of litigation and remediation in the cards with any convention center plan? And what about the infrastructure? Oh well, we guess that cluelessness is now a prerequisite for public office in Queens.