Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flushing Shulman's Dreck

The stealth campaign being run by Claire Shulman's LDC to convert the Flushing waterfront into prime real estate that will benefit one of its charter members-TDC Development-is moving forward. This underscores what we have said all along about the development corporation-it's a phony charity acting as a cat's paw for its developer members. As the Queens Courier reports:

"Flushing’s future will have a revitalized, accessible waterfront — bridging the downtown area and Willets Point — if early projections proposed by a local development group become finalized. “Downtown Flushing, or the Flushing waterfront rather, is an area of enormous untapped potential,” said Nick Roberts, project manager at Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corporation (FWCLDC) — the north-central Queens-based organization spearheading expansion efforts. “We believe that revitalizing Flushing’s waterfront is the next crucial step to furthering Flushing’s status as one of the city’s greatest neighborhoods.”

WPU's statement says it all: "The project has already drawn fire from Willets Point United, a group of property owners battling the city to keep their land. Group leaders said in a statement that the brownfield project is “actually a thinly-disguised land grab” and predicted FWCLDC would use eminent domain in the future to acquire all land in the 60 acres — a move WPU is familiar with."

Make no mistake about it, this is all being engineered by Claire Shulman who, in her dotage, remains as she always has been: a toady for every large business interest that wants to get its way in the borough of Queens. She has never stood up for communities or small businesses fighting large real estate concerns but now she is getting compensated for what she has in the past done gratis. As she told the Courier:

“This is a very exciting area in terms of economics, despite the fact that some other areas of the country aren’t doing so well,” said former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman, who heads the FWCLDC. “Flushing is really on its way up.”

The only thing going up in Flushing is a future development that will eventually be shoved up the ass of all of the smaller property owners in the area-making the LDC's not for profit status a cruel joke.