Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do as I Say: Mike Bloomberg Really Dislikes Warming SUVs

We have been following closely Mayor Mike's breathtaking hypocrisy about global warming and his so-called efforts to reduce NYC's carbon footprint. Five years ago the NY Post reported the following:

America's greenest mayor generates enough greenhouse gas to choke the Lincoln Tunnel.Mayor Bloomberg - who has advocated everything from ditching incandescent light bulbs to taxing Midtown commuters to clean the air - produces 364 tons of smog-inducing carbon dioxide a year, according to a Post analysis of the billionaire's trans-Atlantic real estate portfolio and travel style.That's a carbon footprint larger than what's produced by 18 average Americans, 53 Europeans or 404 Guatemalans. It's equivalent to keeping 69 cars a year on the road or lighting the Empire State Building for 4 & frac12; days."

Let's not forget that the mayor also reeks hypocrisy when it comes to his economic development policies that have seen a proliferation of auto-dependent malls under his watch. His latest foray is over at Willets Point where he has replaced what his minions had described as a new "green neighborhood" with a huge-you guessed it-big box shopping mall.

We had thought that we had seen it all from the two faced chief executive but this latest missive from the Post really takes the cake:

"Who’s full of hot air? Mayor Bloomberg wants to maintain his politically correct credentials on global warming — but hates to get into a hot car when he leaves an air conditioned building. The solution his aides came up with could easily have doubled as a stunt on David Letterman’s show.

In full view of bemused tourists and other passers-by, workers yesterday performed what looked like a comedy routine: They hoisted a standard room air conditioner to a side window of one of the mayor’s SUVs parked in the City Hall lot to see if it would fit. If the strange plan gets a green light, the units would be plugged into electrical outlets and cause less pollution than running the vehicles’ own A/Cs on an idling engine."

What's next, a food taster for his highness? All of which brings to mind the happy thought that this experiment in noblesse oblige will soon be coming to an end-and even the Bloomberg rats are starting to jump ship, as the NY Times reports.

Its time that New Yorkers learned to live their own lives without the tutelage of hizzoner. New York is a great city and it doesn't need the meddling of a hypocritical billionaire to become even better. 2013 will demonstrate that: addition by subtraction.