Sunday, June 19, 2011

Relocating Simple Common Sense

According to the NY Post there's one guy at Willets Point who doesn't need to worry about having his property condemned-Ralph Paterno who sells Met memorabilia across from Citi Field. Ralph expressed his concerns to the paper and lashed out at the Bloomberg administration: "Mayor Bloomberg is stealing from the poor to give to the rich," charged Paterno."

But Ralph can rest easy. The reason? Well, here's the brain-dead city's response: "A city source said officials are offering to relocate the business and re-train workers." WPU's Jerry Antonacci has the only possible response to this inanity:

"Wow what a response! Re-train a guy that sells Met hats? To be what, a guy that sells Yankee hats? And why would he want to be relocated away from the stadium whose team shirts and hats he is selling? Does this make any sense?”

But this is how the city thinks, in canned sound bites divorced from any sense of reality. But then again the entire Willets Point project is divorced from reality so why should the city’s lame explanations be any different?