Friday, June 3, 2011


In yesterday's NY Post, the paper's editorial board took a shot at AG Eric Schneiderman for his support of our friends at the NRDC on hydrofracking-and claimed that the AG was enthralled to special interests. Well, we're not experts on fracking but we do know that Schneiderman has a perfect opportunity on Willets Point to demonstrate that his portfolio is not limited to the standard liberal policies-but the clock is ticking.

As we have pointed out before, the AG's investigation of the entire EDC/Claire Shulman illegal lobbying scheme is languishing while Bloomberg's lackeys run out the clock on the issues that the AG's office is supposed to be examining. We are approaching the two year anniversary of the launch of the inquiry and with an EDC hearing on the ramps scheduled for next week, and a court hearing the following month, it would be an opportune moment for Schneiderman's investigators to finally weigh in.

But it isn't only the Shulman imbroglio that is on the menu for the AG. His office has been made aware of other improprieties that go to the heart of the faux hearing that EDC is holding next week. Staying silent now is to become an accomplice to the fraud and deception that EDC is trying to perpetuate on the citizens of NYC. When considered on top of the illegal lobbying scheme, it is hard to see how the AG can continue to maintain his aloof silence while all the stuff is hitting the fan.

We will say once again to our intrepid friends: Justice delayed, is justice denied!