Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Managerial Expertise?

We have been forced to listen ad nauseum about how Mike Bloomberg is a superior manager-we heard it through three election cycles and it's now about time for the media to finally do its job and simply say: the emperor has no clothes! With yesterday's indictment of the entire CityTime crew of gangsters it has become painfully obvious that Mayor Mike's inattention-and absence-during last winter's snow storm was just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's the WSJ's report:

"Fraud permeated "virtually every level" of the development of New York City's long-delayed and over-budget automated payroll system, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said Monday as he announced the indictments of two New Jersey executives accused of paying off contractors.

Padma and Reddy Allen, the top executives at TechnoDyne, a consulting company that worked on the city payroll system known as CityTime, were accused of handing out more than $40 million in kickbacks as part of an elaborate scheme to defraud city taxpayers. The couple had already returned to their native India, and authorities are pursuing them."

So, where exactly was Mike when all of this was going down? Right on top of this if you believe the risible response to the news from his lackey: "In a statement, Mr. Bloomberg's spokesman, Marc LaVorgna said, "Our Department of Investigation uncovered this fraud, bringing it to federal prosecutors, and we will be using all available avenues to recover any funding owed to the city."

Ho, ho, ho! DOI did no such thing, and credit goes to Comptroller Liu who first blew the whistle on the scandal. In fact, the mayor should go on one of his self promoting advertising jaunts to give profusive mea culpas to the citizens he hood winked a third time in 2009.

This is nonfeasance on a grand scale-and those prospective mayoral candidates who are looking for the mayor's coattails should re-think that strategy in light of the naked emperor's non-performance on this grand theft.

We at WPU are not surprised. On the front lines of one of the most wasteful boondoggles in city history we know first hand all about the city's managerial expertise-and the mayor's misguided priorities. That he can use corrupt consultants is no surprise here. The only difference is that the CityTime consultants ripped off the clueless Bloomberg administration and, of course, the tax payers; EDC's consultants are part of a conscious scheme to rip off small property owners along with the auto-choked residents of Queens.

It's time for the mayor to step down. His purchase of a third term should be returned to the buyers because of the fraudulent advertising the sale involved. He no longer has any credibility left and should leave red-faced immediately!