Sunday, June 19, 2011

Out to Lunch-Breakfast and Dinner

Yesterday the NY Post commented on a Peter Vallone sponsored bill that was the brainchild of someone quite near and dear to our hearts. The bill would bell the Bloomberg cat when he picks up and leaves the city rudderless down in Bermuda, or wherever. The paper calls the legislation the, "MIA Mayor" bill:

"Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., still stewing over City Hall’s blizzard response — or lack thereof — at Christmastime, has introduced legislation meant to force the mayor to leave notice whenever he vacates town. Bloomberg apparently decamped to sunny Bermuda in December, as a blizzard approached the city. The rest, as they say, is history: A rudderless city was left to fend for itself."

Addition by subtraction, you say? How unfair of you. But what is taking the legislation so long to be brought to a vote? The Post doesn't say, but should have because it is the dilatory tactics of Speaker Quinn-you know, the woman who would be mayor-that has held it up this long.

The Post does, however, do a good job at poking fun at the mayor's defense: "A mayoral spokesman insists smartphones render the bill unnecessary: “In this day and age, the person New Yorkers elected mayor can always act as mayor — wherever he or she is.” Well, presumably Bloomberg took his BlackBerry to Bermuda at Christmastime — but that clearly didn’t prevent the near-total collapse of the city chain of command when the storm hit. He’s lost the benefit of the doubt, in other words."

As he should have about almost anything-including the viability of the Willets Point development and particularly the efficacy of those ramps off the Van Wyck. Nothing the mayor says, and no policy he advocates can be taken with anything but a grain of salt. Even though this fool wants to ban salt.