Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The numbers don't add up!

From Queens Crap:

Willets Point's magical mystery numbers

Lie #1 - Job Creation

"The project will create the equivalent of more than 25,000 person-years (?????) of construction employment, about 5,000 permanent jobs in a diverse array of sectors including retail, office, entertainment, restaurant, education and hospitality, among others, as well as nearly 1,000 indirect jobs associated with the convention center." - current numbers on EDC website

"The city says its plan would create 20,000 construction jobs and 6,100 permanent jobs." - Newsday, 11/29/07

"The NYCEDC has estimated that it can offset industrial job loss with 7,000 new permanent jobs and 20,000 construction jobs." - The Christian Science Monitor, 5/22/08

"You're going to get 6,000 permanent jobs, 20,000 construction jobs." - Claire Shulman to NY1, 6/24/08***

"The development project will support 18,000 construction jobs and create more than 5,300 permanent jobs." - Claire Shulman op-ed in NY Sun, 8/14/08***

" and ongoing operation of the project, which is projected to create 5,500 permanent jobs and 18,000 construction jobs..." - Helen Marshall press release, 9/29/08

"...development of the overall project and the creation of 5,300 permanent and 18,000 construction jobs, at a time that will coincide with economic recovery." - NYCEDC president Seth W. Pinsky to Real Estate Weekly, 4/29/09

"The project will also create about 18,000 construction jobs and 5,000 permanent jobs." - EDC press release, 5/29/09

:::::::::::::::::::::::DRUMROLL PLEASE:::::::::::::::::::::::

"It is estimated that the development will produce 10 years of construction jobs for 2500 workers and will also yield up to 5,000 permanent positions." - Claire Shulman (FWPCLDC - click "benefits")***


Lie #2 - Economic Benefits:

"...a total positive economic impact on the New York City economy over the next 30 years of more than $1.5 billion." - Bloomberg press release, 5/1/07***

"In addition, the development would produce temporary and permanent construction jobs and could produce up to $3 billion in revenue for the city during the next 30 years." - Queens Chamber of Commerce, 8/08 newsletter

"It is also predicted that the overall fiscal impact of the Willets Point development will reach more than 4.2 billion dollars over 30 years." - Claire & EDC, current info

:::::::::::::::::::::::DRUMROLL PLEASE:::::::::::::::::::::::

"...projected to generate $25 billion in economic activity over next 30 years." - Helen Marshall press release, 9/29/08 & Bloomberg press release, 11/1/08***