Friday, July 31, 2009

Willets Point finally getting sewers!

WP United is thrilled that the City of New York has finally decided to invest in a sewer system after decades of refusal to do so. The area businesses must currently use septic tanks for sewage and the area frequently floods.

"We look forward to finally having sewers in Willets Point so that our streets and businesses will no longer be flooded after a rain storm and we will no longer be forced to use sewage tanks," said Jerry Antonacci, President of Willets Point United Against Eminent Domain Abuse. "With these improvements, it will be possible to expand and grow our businesses and attract new ones." In other communities, when sewer infrastructure was installed, local businesses and homes were mandated to hook up to the sewer system at their own expense. WPU members will gladly pay for the ability to use the central sewer system.

WP United Spokesperson Jake Bono put it simply, "It's about time."

The members of Willets Point United find it troubling that the City continues to threaten the use eminent domain to take their properties and turn it over to a private developer who will benefit from the infrastructure work that has been denied to them by the City for decades. A lawsuit was filed by Willets Point businesses last year against the City for its decades-long denial to provide basic services. A second lawsuit was filed by WP United this year challenging the City's Environmental Impact Statement. Future lawsuits are likely.

"We aren't going anywhere," said Bono.