Saturday, June 27, 2009

The spin from the EDC

This has been in EDC press releases this past month:

We remain committed to pursuing negotiated settlements with every willing property owner and to date we have completed 20 successful acquisitions that give the City control of nearly 65 percent of Willets Point’s 62 acres.

In reality:

- The 3 largest businesses are being allowed to stay. They make up a good share of the 62 acres that the City is bragging about having control over. The City will not have access to this property for more than a decade.
- 5 businesses are being moved to College Point in a land swap.
- 12 parcels of land were purchased directly by the City, and owners of multiple parcels were targeted.

So in reality only a handful of deals have been made. There are still hundreds of businesses and dozens of owners who have not been offered anything.