Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lies fed to us by the City

From Queens Crap:

The City's Economic Development Corporation and City Council Member Julissa Ferreras are telling property owners, business owners and workers not to worry about the letter that will be going out soon that will notify them of an eminent domain hearing (which is still going to happen, but has been postponed). They are telling affected parties that the letter sounds scarier than it is because of its official wording and that it doesn't mean that their property will be seized anytime soon.


According to the Institute for Justice:

"ALL evidence must be submitted at this first hearing. Anything not submitted at this hearing can't be used as evidence in later proceedings. It is absolutely critical that every single piece of information that shows the city's purposeful neglect of Willets Point be submitted at this hearing."

Unlike some others, we weren't fooled and we'll be ready.