Saturday, April 25, 2009

College Point wants Willets Point fixed

The Queens Chronicle has an article about College Point residents protesting the move of 5 Willets Point businesses to the old Flushing Airport site:

Many voiced agreement when Avella (D-Bayside), one of the rally organizers, said that Willets Point businesses should remain in Willets Point.

“Let them stay by Shea. They should improve Willets Point,” said protester Joa Carbanini.

Her friend, Debra Raehje agreed. “Are they embarrassed of having those businesses next to their new stadium?” she asked. “Let them fix up Willets Point.”

Another protester who gave his name only as Mario believed he had an even better solution. “They should put the businesses where Bloomberg lives,” he said.

We don't understand the point of moving businesses from an area with a high water table to another area with a high water table. It kind of defies common sense. But then again so does spending $400M on a development boondoggle when you are closing firehouses and cutting back emergency medical services.