Thursday, September 6, 2012

Schneiderman's Oversight-and the NY Post's as Well

In this morning's NY Post the paper editorializes about AG Schneiderman's malfeasance (nonfeasance?) concerning his role in the investigation of the sexual escapades of Vito Lopez. The Post notes how the AG is trying to change the subject:

"State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman must be sweating up a storm, given his role in the Gropez coverup.

Just what’s an ambitious AG to do? Why, change the subject, of course. Which might explain The New York Times’ curiously timed report last weekend noting that Schneiderman is now probing several private-equity firms, including Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

The AG, ostensibly, wants to know if the firms shifted fees into investments in order to avoid taxes.

But the probe involves federal issues over which he has no sway

For those of us who gotten to know Schneiderman's proclivities-and how is politics tempers his zeal at key junctures-this is no real surprise. As we have seen with his investigation into EDC/Claire Shulman, he is loath to go after those of his political peeps who he has had relationships with-and who might serve him blowback in the future. Bain Capital is a lot safer a target than Mike Bloomberg and the Queens Democratic Party-as are non-profits like the Chamber of Commerce.

So the Post is right on target here but the paper would also be better served if it illustrated the Schneiderman propensity to pull his political punches with a reference to his failure to sanction NYC EDC and the Shulman LDC for their illegal lobbying campaign. Frankly, we have come to expect better of the Post and wonder whether the paper that professes a concern for the eminent domain abuse has an ulterior motive for not commenting on the Schneiderman/EDC debacle. Whatever the reason, the paper's failure here does it no honor.