Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinsky a Big Loser

In City and State's weekly Honor Roll-and Dishonor Roll-EDC's Seth Pinsky has rightly earned his place as a big loser:

"Seth Pinsky – The chief of the city’s Economic Development Corporation is now the head of an organization that has had to admit to illegal lobbying on behalf of the mayor’s economic development agenda at Willets Point, a charge that comes with no civil or criminal penalties, just ignominy. The charge is a black mark on what is supposed to be the mayor’s great economic development agenda, a far-reaching plan in all five boroughs meant to secure his legacy after 12 years in office, not undermine the law."

But undermine the law he did-and now he must be replaced because the illegal scheme at Willets Point falls on his shoulders, even though it was Dan Doctoroff that hatched the idea in the first place. Which elected official will be first to call for Pinsky's head?