Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liu Wimping Out?

In this morning's Crain's Insider (subsc. only) the newsletter reports that Comptroller Liu is reluctant to point a finger at EDC's Seth Pinsky when he says that people need to be held accountable for the agency's illegal lobbying:

Liu Won't Point Fingers at Pinsky

Comptroller John Liu had some harsh words for the city's Economic Development Corp., which admitted to illegally lobbying the City Council on Willets Point. But he stopped short of directly implicating EDC President Seth Pinsky. "We are saying the mayor needs to hold those responsible for this accountable. Who is up to the mayor," a spokesman said. "We are simply saying that there has been no accountability." In a letter, Liu also called on the mayor to make the agency's finances available on the comptroller's Checkbook NYC online database."

Come on John, man up here. As always the fish stinks from the head-as we have already pointed out:

"But undermine the law he did-and now he must be replaced because the illegal scheme at Willets Point falls on his shoulders, even though it was Dan Doctoroff that hatched the idea in the first place. Which elected official will be first to call for Pinsky's head?"