Saturday, April 21, 2012

The IRS Needs to Take Action Against the FWPC LDC

With more and more so-called Tea Party groups being targeted by the IRS-questioning their not for profit status-it becomes even more incumbent on the agency to move swiftly against the FWPC LDC for its attempt to deceive the federal tax officials about its lobbying activities. Professor Jacobson has the story on the Tea Parties plight:

"Tea Parties across the country, the recipients of letters from the IRS demanding they produce reams of documents detailing every email, blog post, tweet, radio transcript, Facebook entry, and on, have banded together to share resources in defending their 501c4 applications.The Liberty Defense Foundation is allowing the disparate groups to share recommendations for accountants and other services the groups will be requiring in order to comply with the demands of the IRS."

Let's put this as clearly as possible. Shulman's group is as far from a charitable organization as possible-and it operates as a beard for the developers that founded it and helped to fund it in conjunction with their co-conspirators at NYC EDC. In our view the entire lobbying operation has been a fraudulent cover for private self interest and the political ambitions of the billionaire mayor.

But the job of the IRS in all of this is fairly simple. It needs to remove the not for profit status of the LDC and sanction Shulman and her developer cohorts to the fullest extent of the law-and the US Attorney should follow up on the conspiracy to deprive Willets Point business owners of their property rights,