Thursday, September 15, 2011

TDC Submits a Bid: Will Crime Pay?

The Flushing Times is reporting that EDC has accepted bids on its bogus Phase I of the Willets Point development and, guess what?-TDC has submitted a bid:

"Michael Meyer, president of TDC Development — one of the premier firms in the Flushing development industry — said his company was one of the ones that submitted a first phase proposal. The company has long been a part of the ongoing process to choose a proposal and developer for the site.

“I’m just going to say at this point, since [the EDC hasn’t] gone public with anything that from the time we submitted our Request for Expression of Interest six years ago, we’ve been consistent throughout,” Myer said Tuesday. “I am very interested to know how many people submitted.”

Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. TDC has been an integral part of the Claire Shulman LDC crime scheme-you know the one that cloaked the selfish interests of developers like TDC under the umbrella of a phony not for profit; a not for profit we may add that is enjoined from legally engaging in any lobbying whatsoever. This same entity received $500,000 in tax payers money to advance the interests of Mr. Meyer's company. Nice, no?

This is the fraudulent scheme that AG Cuomo was supposed to have been investigating before he got the endorsement of the mayor-can you say, quid pro quo? It is the scheme that the current AG, Eric Schneiderman is-at least according to his staff discussions with us-supposedly still investigating. What's the hold up, Eric? Not interested in taking on the mayor and the Queens Dems-led by Virginia's own Joe Crowley?

The bottom line in all of this is that Mike Bloomberg, Mr. The Rules Don't Apply to Me, concocted a plan to create a phony grass roots support group to advance the Willets Point development-and created an LDC that was simply a stalking horse for TDC and its cohort of developer colleagues. So, in essence the tax payers funded an astroturf effort to deprive the WPU property owners of their Constitutional rights.

But what are property rights to Mike Bloomberg-a man who's only interested in protecting his own rights but not those of small landowners. Oh yes, Bloomberg will give a lachrymose speech at Ellis Island in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty to support some hucksters advancing a plan to build a GZ mosque. Freedom of religion and all. But property rights, fuhgeddaboudit!

Mike's got his, so the hell with anyone else. We wonder what it will take for law enforcement to take a long hard look at the mayor's unilateralism-maybe it will come from the Haggerty trial and the exposure of the Bloomberg electoral bribery scheme. Who knows? But no one should allow TDC to profit from its scheming-after all, crime doesn't pay, right?