Thursday, May 5, 2011

WPU Statement re: News Concerning the EA for Van Wyck ramps

Contrary to information apparently being disseminated today by NYCEDC, and contrary to certain erroneous news reports, the reported progress with the Environmental Assessment does NOT constitute approval of the proposed Van Wyck ramps. It is approval of the Environmental Assessment document merely for the purpose of holding a public hearing pertaining to it, which is the next step for NYC EDC; but the public hearing has yet to occur and will include expert submissions from WPU, then a subsequent decision by NYS DOT on whether to approve the ramps, a decision by FHWA on whether to require a full EIS, and then a decision by FHWA on whether or not to approve the ramps.

WPU is taking all appropriate steps to challenge and prevent the approval of ramps, and will continue to do so.