Monday, May 9, 2011

The Perfidy of Julissa Ferreras

It was once said by Karl Marx that history repeats itself: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. It might have been referring to CM Julissa Ferreras. Nothing could be more emblematic of Marx's observation than the replacement of CM Hiram Monserrate by Julissa Ferreras. When we last saw the council member she was supposedly advocating for an oversight hearing on Willets Point-apparently convinced that the review process was not adequate and that the project might have a deleterious impact on her district.

That was then and this is now. CM Ferreras has a statement that is included in the EDC RFP press release-of all places: "This project has been delayed for too long and we must move forward so my district gets much needed relief thru jobs and affordable housing. This RFP is the start in making it a reality. Phase 1 is essential in furthering the economic growth of my district and I look forward to working with all parties every step of the way," stated Council Member Julissa Ferreras."

Et tu Julissa? There is no question that the ethically challenged Monserrate had his problems, but the citizens of Corona are ill served by his double talking replacement-someone who is now willing to put dialing for dollars with the mayor over independent and honest representation of all her constituents; including the workers she has pretended to champion.

Ferreras knows what a traffic knighmare Willets Point will mean for her district in the long run, but puts her own short term advantage over the public good. As Marx might say, what a farce she is.