Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Legacy for Willets Point?

The NY Post is reporting that the mayor's people have drawn up a "legacy list" of projects that he would like to see completed before his term ends in a little over 13 months:

"When it comes to new development projects, the Bloomberg administration is closed for business.That’s because the mayor’s people — with an eye toward his legacy — have carefully crafted a special list of high-profile priority projects to fast-track before Bloomberg’s third term ends in 14 months, putting all else on hold, several sources told The Post.

Those projects include the Midtown East rezoning; the Staten Island Ferris wheel; a Major League Soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park; US Tennis Association expansion of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center; Cornell’s Applied Sciences campus on Roosevelt Island; and developing the vacant Kingsbridge Armory in The Bronx."

We're insulted by this exclusion. Is it simply an oversight or is it a recognition that the Willets Point development has too many obstacles to invest the valuable time of an administration looking for the exits? If so, it could be good news for the property owners: "One high-ranking city official said all other land-use proposals are getting completely ignored because the administration will not take on anything outside of its priorities. Meanwhile, the lucky projects it selected are getting pushed through a tedious, bureaucratic approval process at lightning speed."

We think it is simply an oversight-the Bloomberg administration has invested a great deal of capital in developing Willets Point and it makes no sense to place some of these other projects at the head of the queue. In any case, as if we didn't know this, the mayor's lackeys want his legacy to be all about development-unaware of course of so much of the collateral damage he has caused in his obsession for giving away the store to a favored few:

"As top aides work on shaping Bloomberg’s legacy, one description they want is a pro-development mayor who drastically altered the landscape in each borough to expand gleaming office space, boost the high-tech industry here and ratchet up tourism numbers."

Not a word for all of the great success Bloomberg has had in promoting small and immigrant businesses during these tough economic times? Mike Bloomberg has been the architect of patricianage-the use of the corporate giveaway as almost an art form. That is his legacy-a class warrior for the 1%.