Monday, August 6, 2012

Katz for Queens BP

The NY Post is reporting that Melinda Katz is contemplating a run for Queens Borough President:

"I’m putting together a team and working to move forward on the Queens borough president’s race,” Katz told The Post. “I know the job well.” Katz, 46, who left politics in 2009 to join the white-shoe law firm Greenberg Traurig, has hired political consultant George Arzt to oversee her 2013 campaign, she said. And she plans to open a campaign account and begin fund raising within the next few weeks."

We know Katz pretty well-and differed with her handling of the Willets Point land use review application in 2009-and think she would be head and shoulders above the other potential candidates-especially with her libertarian streak and her less than cozy relationship with the corrupt Queens organization. What really sets her apart, however, are the other candidates-folks like CM Leroy Comrie and CM Peter Vallone Jr.

Queens has been ruled since 1989 by two women who have disgraced the office of borough president. The first one, Claire Shulman was a toady for every real estate interest and doubled down on her lackey status by using her real estate buddies to become the head of a corrupt LDC. Her successor Helen Marshall is a sweet lady totally lacking in any relevant ability to govern with an independent vision-a rubber stamp for party regulars and a dependable voice for the go along to get along crowd.

Compared to this cast of character Melinda Katz would be a tornado of fresh air-someone who can be reasoned with and who would be an independent voice for Queens.