Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Star Mistake

The news is out that MLB has designated CitiField for its 2013 All Star Game-and that friends is a big mistake. It is a mistake because-as we pointed out in January-the Mets and their owners the Wilpons are knee deep in controversy:

"What does the Great American Pastime-baseball-have in common with the un-American abuse of eminent domain, the eradication of scores of minority-owned businesses, the City's decades-long willful neglect of an entire neighborhood? Well, absolutely nothing as it turns out, but if MLB gets its way and schedules an All Star Game at CiitiField than the great American game will be colluding with a project based on lies and deception-and WPU intends to aggressively promote all of this to world-wide media, if Major League Baseball dares to hold its 2013 All-Star Game right next to our property at Willets Point."

And even though the city has pulled out of the grand scheme to take away our land-see this NY1 story-the Wilpons are still mired in the entire corrupt deal that was started by the Shulman LDC. Sterling Equities is about to be designated as a co-developer of a mall contiguous to the ballpark and it should have been disqualified if law enforcement hadn't fallen asleep at the wheel.

So what we will have next summer is likely to be an ugly confrontation with all of the neighbors that the Mats have conspired to evict from their property-and the workers that hold the jobs that would have also disappeared if the Wilpons had succeeded in their conspiracy. Not the best place to hold a venerable event-yuh think?.