Friday, October 21, 2011

Shulman's Four Flushing

The Queens Chronicle has a hilarious story on the Claire Shulman-led LDC's attempt to do to the Flushing waterfront what it collaborated to do at Willets Point: take other people's property for the benefit of some of the developer members of her phony not for profit. Make no mistake about it, the "brownfield's grant' is simply a ruse and will lead to the displacement of the existing property owners-in spite of what the dissembling Shulman tell the local press.

Here's Shulman at her prevaricating best: "Consultants from several firms were quick to assure that landowners will not be forced to build anything they don’t want, nor will eminent domain be considered. “This is not a land grab,” said former borough President Claire Shulman, who heads the LDC. “We are not taking over property." Consultants from several firms were quick to assure that landowners will not be forced to build anything they don’t want, nor will eminent domain be considered."

Oh boy! Now keep in mind that it was the rancid eClaire that got up before the city council three years ago, and when asked if she was getting any more money from EDC-this was just at the time when it was revealed that she had been illegally lobbying-she simply lied to the council and thereby forestalled any further inquiries into her illegal lobbying scheme.

Now she wants us to believe that she's telling the truth in Flushing-which makes her in our view, a "four flusher." After all, the renderings on her own website tell a different story about this not being a "land grab." But maybe she is like the stopped clock, telling the truth for once. After all, maybe-since TDC owns a swath of land on the waterfront-she is just looking to get OPM to clean up TDC's land so it doesn't have to pay for the clean up itself (and raise the value of the property at the same time). Either way, this has nothing to do with the community.

And just to put the right book ends on this tall tale we find another fabulous fibber in the mix once again: "Lynn Do, one of the consultants from AKRF Inc., said the purpose of the grant is to develop “a flexible master plan” that will be community-based and “will enhance waterfront access.” She noted that Flushing is “bursting at the seams” and “we need to go west to create a place to visit and live.”

AKRF! The same folks who tried to lie their way past State DOT with a traffic study that, let's put it kindly, bent the truth curve. So, of course, they are the perfect consultants for this Shulman production. There was one bright suggestion that was offered by an anonymous person: "No more people." The plans for Willets Point-and now Flushing (don't forget Flushing Commons) will inundate these communities and all of the neighborhoods that surround them.

Not to worry, we will still have AKRF to alleviate your worries by letting one and all know that there will be no traffic congestion because of ramps that will be built-right into the Flushing River.