Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A rare event - DOT makes a visit to the Point!

In response to the firetruck getting stuck on Willets Point Boulevard on February 7th, DOT sent out an emergency repair crew on Wednesday, February 11th.
The road was paved in a patchwork fashion along most of Willets Point Boulevard, but the stretch by the "Big Three" was paved contiguously.
However, all along the street, only a strip down the center of the road was paved.
The parking lanes were not touched.
And as for the side streets? Forget about it.

This is the first time that any area of Willets Point has been paved in at least a decade. The City's refusal to perform routine road maintenance puts the lives of workers and visitors to the area at risk. Withholding services from most businesses while providing it for a select few is also not acceptable.

By the way, DOT's maintenance facility is at Willets Point on the other side of Northern Boulevard...